• Through our comprehensive methodology, The Bjorn Experience will make your hardware journey seamless and enjoyable.

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  • The Bjorn Experience

  • Preliminary Consultation

    We begin the project process with a consultation to capture your requirements and to scope out the initial products of interest, potential finishes, timeframes, and budgets.

  • Design Assist

    We encourage our customers to make full use of our expertise and to treat us as an extension of their team. This can range from consulting on what type of hinges to use on specific door types on through to helping design a 1 of 1 custom piece specific to your project needs.

  • Hardware Scheduling

    As a part of The Bjorn Experience, we provide detailed hardware schedules which correlate to the original floor plans from the architect. This document is invaluable for everyone involved as it ensures each door is accounted for, specified with compatible products, and the chosen finishes match and / or complement each other.

  • Site Visits & Project Meetings.

    Where possible, before a project order is confirmed, we recommend that a member of our team visit the site to red flag any possible issues with site conditions and make adjustments accordingly if required.

  • Door Set Packaging

    As part of our service, we provide our project hardware packed and labelled into door packs. This service makes it much easier on the install team for everything needed for that specific door is boxed together and housed in a logical way. This not only save time but reduces the risk of items getting lost or damaged on site. 


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